Nikita's Farmstead


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Nikita's guesthouseThe Farmstead is located in Khuzir Village (Island Olkhon) in the nearest proximity to one of the most sacred places for locals – Shaman Cape.

Accommodation is provided in typical Russian wooden houses, heated with electricity or with a  traditional Russian stove. Lovely wooden carving on houses and rustic décor of rooms add a peculiar charm to the Farmstead.  

Rooms at the Farmstead may be of various types.

Some have all the conveniences in a separate building, some – on the floor, in some of rooms – toilet and shower is private. (Please, clear it up with your manager when booking).  

Friendliness of staff, quite rest and beautiful surroundings will make your stay at Nikita’s Farmstead as nice as it only can be.

Nikita's guesthouse (one of its houses)Nikita's guesthouse (view from outside)Nikita's guesthouseNikita's guesthouseNikita's FarmsteadNikita's FarmsteadImageNikita's Farmstead






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ImageWelcome!CanteenIn the yard of Nikita's Farmstead




In one of rooms at Nikita's guesthouseRoom at Nikita's GuesthouseRoom at Nikita's GuesthouseRoom at Nikita's Guesthouse





Room at Nikita's GuesthouseRoom at Nikita's GuesthouseNikita's guesthouseNikita's Farmstead